Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey, Marion County GOP, Just Because We Like Your Facebook Page Doesn't Mean We're Republicans

The Marion County Republican Party is being misleading again.

If you go to this new contact page, you'll find a graphic that says, "This is our Marion County Republican Party." Below you see Facebook profile pictures of some of the people that have liked the Indy Republicans' Facebook page.

There's a chance you may see me there because, well, I liked their page. I did it because I like to keep an eye on what's going on with the GOP, locally. I do the same with the Libertarian Party, Democrats, and a variety of candidates. When you're doing a blog that updates almost daily, you need content!

I'm not the only Democrat you see there. You'll also see other Democrats, Libertarians or Independents, too. I saw them all there. If you keep refreshing the page, you'll find some truly funny stuff including media members and other folks.

Chairman Walker, I salute you for having a strong and solid web presence. This has been something I've preached to my own party for a while, but you're being very misleading. Just because we LIKED your page doesn't mean we LIKE your party.


Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing you have this much free time on your hands to complain about something this irrelevant.

Henry Armitage said...

The majority of the GOP is confused by any piece of technology more complex than a typewriter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a strategic move to upset handicap bloggers! I SAY CONSPIRACY!