Thursday, March 17, 2011

Donald Trump=A Little Bit Birther

Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana continues to beat the birther drum locally. Today, he posted the video gem below from birtherland where Donald Trump addresses the question of President Obama's birth.

While I'm tempted to make this clip the comeback of Saturday Humor this week, I must say that Trump is sorely mistaken when he says that no one remembers Obama until he is older. Is Trump saying that the man didn't exist until adulthood?

What a ridiculous statement for such a smart guy, and Donald Trump is a smart guy, just ask him. Trump allegedly will spend a lot of money to get himself elected, but he won't even make it out of the primary. As much as I like Trump as a character, freak shows with potentially big ugly skeletons in their closet never win. That's what I believe Trump to be.

Barack Obama has certainly been the most investigated President of all time, and no one has yet to make any charges stick on him when it comes to his background. That's why the birther mentality is laughed at by the mainstream. It also shows why you're out of it Mr. Trump.

Enjoy building your next casino...when it comes to the Presidential race..."YOU'RE FIRED."

Here's a video about Obama's career as a high school basketball player. Guess the coach must be making it all up.

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