Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Delph Incredibly Calls SB590 Opponents "Elite", "Out of Touch"

The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana Senator Mike Delph has called the signers of a petition opposing Senate Bill 590, an Arizona-like immigration reform bill, “a who's who of the ivory tower elite in Indiana who are completely out of touch with what's going on in the state."

WOW…just WOW

The bill, which has drawn bi-partisan criticism, would be one of the most discriminatory pieces of legislation ever to pass through the General Assembly if it is voted in by the Indiana House and signed by Governor Mitch Daniels. It passed the Senate over bi-partisan opposition.

Marion County Prosecutor, Terry Curry, signed on to the petition against SB590 saying the bill is something his office, as a matter of practicality, does not have the resources to enforce. The Prosecutor’s statement went further, though.

“In Marion County, we have tangible and anecdotal evidence that the Latino community is specifically targeted by criminals, many of whom are American citizens. If this legislation passes, it will add to the reluctance of Latino victims and witnesses to come forward. Not only will this legislation have a chilling effect on our efforts to prosecute these cases, it also will make a vulnerable population even more vulnerable,” said Curry.

Yeah. Sounds like an elitist to me.

The Star reports that the bill is opposed by the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, hardly a liberal group by any stretch of the imagination, who says that conventions have already informed the organization they plan to move future events away from Indianapolis if the bill passes.

Other signers of the Indiana Compact, the official name of the petition that spells out five reasons to oppose SB590, include such liberal elites as Republican Attorney General Greg Zoeller, church pastors, educators, community activists, stay-at-home moms, college presidents, politicians, candidates for public office, former officeholders, doctors, lawyers, concerned citizens, college students, nurses, bloggers, priests, self-employed people, store managers, small business owners, CEOs, engineers, and countless other Hoosiers.

For Delph to lump all of these folks together as elites in ivory towers is, frankly, repulsive.

Delph’s the one that’s out of touch. He’s too busy trying to push forward his own Tea Party credentials to stop and think about what his damaging legislation will do to Indiana and its diverse population of immigrants, guest workers, businesses and citizens. Then again, maybe he's so driven by ambition that he can't see the forest for the trees. Worse yet, maybe he just doesn't care.

I believe SB590 to be an awful piece of legislation with its very roots based in fear and scare tactics. It's the worse kind of legislation possible. What do I know, though? I signed the Compact, too. I must be in my ivory tower hob knobbing with my elite friends.

Join us in the "ivory tower" and sign the Compact to show Senator Delph where you stand here. If this passes, it will be a sad day in Indiana.

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