Monday, February 7, 2011

Upon Further Review...Putting Up Those Signs May Have Been Bad Idea

Mayor Greg Ballard's Rebuild Indy program is allegedly off and least the signs are up. It's become sort of a joke on the Westside, especially if you take a drive down 10th Street between 465 and Country Club Road.

One of the first signs that I saw go up is a huge one in the median by Farley Addition, the neighborhood where I grew up. It's about midway between 465 and Girls School Road on 10th Street.

Both sides of the street there in that area are like the surface of the Moon now. There are potholes from mild to severe. One on the Eastbound lane is so big that it could swallow a 1983 Chevette.

The Mayor's folks put out these signs, but those people in those neighborhoods have to be wondering when those street improvements will be actually be underway because still, nothing has been done. And yes, I know it's tough to keep the road in tip-top condition this time of year, but the signs have been up since late summer and the road has been this bad for YEARS.

As for me, I'll be exiting the interstate one exit to the south and using Rockville Road on my way to work until 10th Street does get fixed.


IndyDem said...

Its the same thing all over town. Those signs were the first thing to go up even if the work was half a year away from even starting. Last summer they put them up on Oriental St next to Tech HS. A stretch of road that has for years looked like a lunar landing site. Signs have been there and not even one single survey mark.
So yes.. the most important part of the mayors "Rebuild Indy" plan was the sign.

Anonymous said...

The signs are all over Washington Street downtown. However there are no ReBuild projects on washington Street, its all Cultural trail work that is privately funded, yet they imply credit for it. I am sure DPW puts them on any construction/road work signs regardless of the funding.