Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is "Mayoral"

While Mayor Ballard is in Dallas...

From the next Mayor of Indianapolis

A Sight to See
After several days of "cabin fever," I was proud to work alongside a large group of individuals on Saturday who were eager to get out of the house and into our neighborhoods in an effort to get our students back to school next week. We volunteered our time and shovels to help clear Shortridge and several other IPS schools of ice and snow. More than 50 people showed up, contributing their strength, shovels, equipment, and salt. I want to thank everyone for their efforts, including the laborers local 120 union, IU Health, our democratic elected officials and candidates, and the Marion County Democratic Party! Hopefully, some of these schools will re-open early next week.

If you have cabin fever or just want to join others in a good cause, please bring your shovel to IPS school 27 at 19th and Central on Sunday, February 6 at 1:30. Let's make the Superbowl weekend about more than just football (not that I don't love a great football game!).


Melina Kennedy


Anonymous said...

A picture says a thousand words. So much for Ballard being the "man of the people" . . .

Anonymous said...

A certain short, cigar smoking local blogger thinks that this is a "stunt" and a waste of time. He even made the comment that it was too bad that the people shoveling didn't care about what happened inside the buildings. I am sure he posted that just before he went to the Columbia Club to smoke expensive cigars and drink martinis.