Wednesday, February 23, 2011

State Political Climate May Hurt Marion County GOP

This week, Democrats decided to fight back with the only weapon they have right now in the Indiana General Assembly, the walkout. Republicans and conservatives screamed bloody murder, but many Democrats and their supporters have welcomed the move.

Mayor Greg Ballard and Marion County GOP Chair Kyle Walker have to be a bit concerned because Marion County is certainly a county that leans more Democratic than Republican these days. A motivated electorate came out in 2007 mad about property taxes at the state level and sent Mayor Bart Peterson packing. The same thing could happen at the state level this year.

It won't be property tax belly aches. Ballard may take it on the chin because Dems will come out to express their displeasure about the conduct of the Republican caucus at the state level in the Indiana House and Senate, and, consequently, it's up to Ballard to explain his views on all these issues. Where does he stand on immigration, right to work, gay marriage, and other key issues? He had better have an answer because voters are sure to ask.

The last thing Ballard wants is a motivated group of Democrats coming out to vote in November. I would say that with the opening salvo of the 2011 General Assembly session that local Democrats will be mad as a hornet, and independents will be too.

That could spell doom for the Ballard Administration and help put Melina Kennedy into office.

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Anonymous said...

Ballard's views on these issues are completely irrelevant. He's not making abortion or marriage policy. He's cleaning up a mess left by the previous mayoral administrations.