Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slating Surprise: Robinson Topples Johnson

The Democratic Party of Marion County gathered this morning at the Indiana Convention Center to slate candidates for the upcoming May Primary. There were some surprises, and one Mayoral candidate has apparently lost his mind (post on that here).

In the fight for At-Large City-County Council, Annette Johnson lost by a mere 14 votes to Leroy Robinson, who entered the race only last month. As you may remember, Johnson had been the addressee of a letter that was carbon copied to all slating voters by Chairman Ed Treacy and the party just last week. My sources tell me that Johnson had 244 votes while Robinson had 258. Afterwards, Johnson was non-committal either way about a run against the slate. She said she would make a decision at a later time.

In slot B, the race wasn't as close, John Barth prevailed over Pat Andrews. I talked to Andrews afterwards, but the subject about her continuing her run never came up. Like Johnson, Barth has been working the Democratic circles for a while and Andrews only entered the race in December. It was tough to catch up.

Steve Talley prevailed over incumbent Paul Bateman in the race for his old Council seat that Bateman took over. Sources tell me that the margin was not close. In the other contested race, Vop Osili easily defeated former Wayne Township Trustee David King Baird. Both Bateman and Baird may take their cases to the Primary voters.

As far as the festivities go, former State Representative Mae Dickinson was presented an award for her had work for the Marion County Democratic Party over the years. Dickinson, confined to a wheelchair, said, "Finally I've gotten so old and so arthritic that someone can push me around." She urged people to participate in the democracy that we have made in this country because there was a time not everyone could.

Congressman Andre Carson gave a rousing speech that got the entire hall up and out of their seats. Carson's speech was a call to people with the "heart for public service." He introduced Melina Kennedy, the Democratic Party's candidate for Mayor.

In a tough spot (following Carson), Kennedy managed to keep the crowd on its feet with a warning to Mayor Ballard that he had better watch out. Saying that Ballard seems to be running from the conversation about Indianapolis' problems because he declined an invitation to debate her, Kennedy said, "Greg, you can run from me, but you can't run from your record." Later, Kennedy, an avid runner, added, "And, by the way, I'm a pretty fast runner."

The rest of the candidates were nominated by acclamation before the voting as they were not opposed. Things were extremely orderly with a few credential problems due to the 30-day freeze of delegates prior to the convention. Voting was completed, and the results were on time. The convention was gaveled closed by Chairman Treacy shortly after noon.


Jackie said...

One wonders how this might have turned out for Annette Johnson if credential problems had been resolved.

Anonymous said...

or if all of the stiffs had not been ordered to vote for Leroy