Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slating Filing Deadline Passes: Sanders, Adamson IN; Andrews, Barth, Johnson, Robinson to Fight It Out

Two candidates will pass through slating unopposed for At-Large City County Council race, and four are fighting for the final two spots.

Councillor Joanne Sanders and small business owner Zach Adamson will be slated pending any surprises on Saturday, February 12. That means that slating slot B will feature a slating fight between Pat Andrews and John Barth and slating slot D will be a fight between Annette Johnson and Leroy Robinson.

Congratulations to Councillor Sanders and Adamson on being presumptive slated candidates for the May primary. There are interesting developments in other slating slots.

The slating election race in slot D took an interesting turn this week when a letter addressed to Annette Johnson arrived in the mailboxes of slating voters. The letter addressed an internal controversy within Pike Township about the status of Johnson as a PC or Vice PC. Don't miss tomorrow's post on this letter and Johnson's reaction to it.

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