Monday, February 28, 2011

Short Memories?

Those complaining about the Democrats leaving the Republican agenda hanging at the Statehouse have very short memories.

After all, we just experienced two years where the Democratic agenda was left hanging at the national level by a Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate that demanded that Democrats get 60 votes for everything. They threatened to filibuster and hold up the people's business forcing Democrats to de-liberalize much of the legislation or drop it altogether.

In the past, Republican caucuses have walked out of the Indiana House as well. Maybe they didn't do it to this degree, but this is a tactic that both parties have used over time the Statehouse.

I would tell my Democratic friends in the House to tread very carefully on this walkout. As it enters its second week, they need to be keenly aware of what's going on and not to extend it too long. I don't know if I trust the judgement of Pat Bauer after his vote on HJR-6, but I do trust the judgement of many others in the caucus. Hopefully it's them that help to drive this walkout to an amenable exit strategy so that the General Assembly can get back to work in a more respectful manner. There is some danger of overplaying the hand here.

Sometimes legislating isn't pretty. Folks, this is one of those times. This will all get straightened out, and the General Assembly will be back to work soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon if the Democrats did not trust Pat Bauer they would be at the Statehouse. Remember before anything gets added to the State Constitution; it must pass two separate General Assemblies and it must be voted on by the people in 2014. That if it even gets passed again. That is the info I got from my State Rep and this person is a Republican. I am a Democrat and I am against same sex marriage. But I disagree that the definition of Marriage should be in the State Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I have no faith in Pat Bauer since he sold he voted to put the ban on same sex marriage into the state consititution. We need a new Dem leader who is not from 1970 and will not knuckle under to the exteme right and radical religiious groups.