Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sam's Decision Brings Questions

I smell shenanigans in Sam Carson, Sr.’s decision to enter the race for Indianapolis Mayor.

Carson was a vocal supporter of Governor Mitch Daniels’ re-election campaign in 2008, and he has done little to prepare himself for a run at Mayor of Indianapolis. This comes completely out of the blue. Unlike Melina Kennedy and Ron Gibson, Carson has not appeared in the right venues to build support among likely voters in a Democratic Party primary. He also doesn’t have much in the way of resources, but, he has a name.

Is it too much for a conspiracy theorist to think maybe that a few Republicans might have put Carson up to this? Perhaps they see how weak Mayor Ballard’s prospects for a win seem right now and want someone out there that will force Kennedy to spend a little cash and time on before May? I don’t know, but Carson’s entry makes even less sense than Ron Gibson’s continued campaign does.

Many point to how a race early may help Kennedy. I would agree if the candidates were even close to Kennedy in experience and hard work quotient. If this were a race between Melina Kennedy against a candidate like that, I probably would not be writing this right now. The fact is that Sam Carson, Sr. nor Ron Gibson have any more chance than I do of prevailing against Melina Kennedy in May. It’s silly for them to think they might.

A big reason is the person that’s reportedly introducing Kennedy at Saturday’s slating convention. That’s Congressman André Carson. As the biggest name in Marion County Democratic politics, André Carson has built a strong record in Congress and has continued to exceed early critics’ expectations for his tenure as a member of Congress. His support of Kennedy, who has served in the past as a campaign treasurer for Carson, is well-known.

It just seems odd to me for Sam Carson, Sr. to jump in to the race…too odd to be an accident. Then again, maybe I've watched too much TV.

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