Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sam Carson Appears on Amos Brown

Democrat Sam Carson, the third Democrat to file for Mayor of Indianapolis, appeared on Amos Brown's program, Afternoons with Amos on 1310 AM, WTLC.

You can listen to the 40-minute interview here.

All-in-all, Carson's performance was mixed. He said that he will seek the people's opinions or others opinions when developing his plan for everything from job creation to public safety to the management of traffic after races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I guess if you listen to the 40-minute episode, it just doesn't sound like he was very prepared for the interview or to meet the questions of the potential voters on the program. More than once he said that he didn't "have a plan" for this and that.

With that said, he didn't totally embarrass himself, and he scored some serious points on Mayor Greg Ballard. One caller did point out that he didn't sound sharp and that he needed to "sharpen up." The caller was right, and Carson acknowledged it himself. I think that might be his best asset. Carson doesn't seem to come with too many answers, and he seems curious to learn.

With that said, the problems of this city are too important for on-the-job training. No reason to vote for Carson when there's a former successful Deputy Mayor on the case in Melina Kennedy. Even Ron Gibson seems to know more about how the city runs. Carson seems to be the third-best candidate in a three person race for the nomination.

Kennedy remains the best choice of the three.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you used the word mayor and Ron Gibson in the same sentence.

You did not mention that in a moment when Sam Carson thought the mike was off that he asked Amos to get the nuts off the phone lines. I guess he is afraid to talk to the people and dismisses them by calling them nuts.