Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Been A Bad Week

Democrats, this has been the kind of week that makes you just want to climb into a fetal position, eat chunky munky ice cream, and watch reruns of Seinfeld.

The Republican-led Indiana General Assembly has been bent on revenge this week, and they've had help from our side of the aisle. You name it...the hits have just kept coming. At least we aren't Mitch Daniels, who, as a matter of fact, may be laying in bed right now eating Chunky Munky Ice Cream while he recovers from rotator cuff surgery. That's no laughing matter, and I honestly wish the Governor well.

Still, this is no time to give up. It's time to stand tall and be Democrats. Realize that being in the minority is simply temporary, and there will be a day (hopefully soon) where Democrats are back in control.

Everyday is just one day closer until that reality comes true. So, keep your chin up. We will get through this. I have a feeling the storm is only going to get worse. This legislature has become a House of Horrors for Democrats. Stay vocal and remember that we must tell our friends, families, and neighbors what's important and why they need to be involved in politics.

Keep moving forward folks. The political cycle will be back around, and Democrats need to be ready to lead it.


Anonymous said...

This current general assembly is taking us back into the dark ages. They are making Indiana into an intolerant (gays and "foreign Looking people), unwelcoming, dangerous (overriding local governments to prevent guns on public property), unhealthy (cutting off family planning services), and economically damaged state. We will soon be known as the Hoosier Hick state. Frankly, I find this extremely scary.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog many times, which I really enjoy, but never have commented. I felt like doing so today to thank you. For the first time this week, you have given me reassurance that we need to ride out the storm together. I really do worry about not only how much really scary legislature is trying to be passed but also about how little people I talk to know about what is going on. I am talking to as many people as I can...even the cashier at the grocery store the other day. I was also reassured by your suggestion of curling up in fetal position, eating ice cream, & watching thoughts have included wondering which states aren't leaping backwards 200 years and is Canada really that cold?