Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Devastating: Rep. Bauer Votes For Discrimination

Of all the votes cast on HJR-6 yesterday, one probably stood out more. Former Democratic Speaker of the House, Pat Bauer, voted in favor of the resolution to write discrimination into the Indiana Constitution and to begin the process of putting a ban on gay marriage in that document.

House Joint Resolution will alter Article 1 of the Indiana Constitution by adding section 38 to it should it get through the process that we just saw property tax caps go through. Section 38 will read:

"Only a marriage between one (1) man and one (1) woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized."

No civil unions. No domestic partnerships.

And our leader in the House, Pat Bauer, voted for that! He voted for that piece of poo. Unfortunate isn't the word.

I decided to send Rep. Bauer a note via e-mail. I publish it here. I urge you to do the same. His e-mail is You can also call him at 1-800-382-9842. Please, above all, even though he doesn't seem to respect LGBT Hoosiers, be respectful to him.

Here is my e-mail note.

Representative Bauer,
I need to apologize to you. I thought you were someone that stood up for Hoosiers of all kinds. Today, I know that this is not true.

I understand that House Joint Resolution 6 had little chance of failing. Perhaps you felt that this gave you a little wiggle room to vote your conscience or perhaps trade a vote here for a vote somewhere else. I certainly hope that it is the latter and not the former. I would hate to believe that the Democratic Caucus leader of the Indiana House would support discrimination in the Indiana Constitution. If you did vote your conscience, I respectfully disagree.

Whatever your reasons were, you voted to put your stamp of approval on one of the darkest House Joint Resolutions ever authored in the Indiana House. I will never understand this vote, sir. With due respect, I recommend that you immediately reflect on your position as House Minority Leader. Realize that you have done enough damage with this one vote to undermine nearly everything Democrats stand for.

I thank you for your long service in the Indiana House as the Democratic leader, but I cannot support your continued leadership of the Democratic caucus if these are the types of wedge issues you wish to support. Please consider your constituents at large not only your constituents in House District 6 when you vote. We look to you as our House leader, and your vote on this matter will be trumpeted by the far right as a victory...perhaps even more of a victory than the wide final margin.

Thank you for your time.

Jon E. Easter

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