Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ballard Heading for Super Bowl Leaving City To Dig Out For Itself

While his city struggles to chip away the ice from its streets and sidewalks, the Mayor of Indianapolis is once again leaving us to fend for ourselves.

I think we all understand why the Mayor might want to be in Dallas for the Super Bowl, but does he really need to be? I mean, to be fair, there are some legitimate reasons for him to go, but wouldn't it be a much better thing for him to stay behind in the city and lead the clean-up from this historic ice storm? If I were Ballard, I'd send somebody in my stead and put myself all over the place as much as possible. I'd make myself available around the city while I was helping people. I think that's what a good mayor does.

Unfortunately, Ballard wants to go hob knob and rub elbows with big business. It's another example of how this Mayor values business deals over neighborhoods. It's another reason why in November, Mayor Ballard will be able to attend the 2012 Super a fan...and Melina Kennedy will be attending Mayor.


Anonymous said...

This is why you guys (D's) Can't win. You live in a fantasy world. And to say you are independent? You are far from it.

Anonymous said...

we have events bigger than the Super bowl every is called the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400.....why again does he need to be in Dallas

Jon E. Easter said...

I have a feeling we've been over this before, Anon 8:34. If I were an independent, this blog would be called "Indy Independent".

I call this an independent voice only to point out that I am not tied to the MCDP or the INDEMS...though I share many of the same views. I am an unabashed Democrat. Never have tried to be anything else.

I appreciate your comment (and your continued attempt to take me to task over my lack of independence). Have a great day!