Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adamson's Kickoff Event Brings Out Support

Now that the City-County Council race has finally passed through the slating portion of the election season, the candidates are starting to officially get down to the brass tacks of campaigning.

At-Large Council candidate Zach Adamson did just that on Friday as he officially kicked off his campaign. Adamson has been running for over a year for the spot, but the slating nod he received on February 12 gave him an opportunity to refocus some attention onto his campaign.

The announcement brought out many current and former elected officials and other candidates for office. These are always good signs. Adamson also decided to hold the event in Fountain Square at the Square Rootz Deli. The deli is a small, gay-owned and operated business in a new and vibrant area of town that is coming back strong after a tough period in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

After hearing from a variety of community members, candidates, and (current and former) elected officials...including Mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy, Zach took the stage and gave a great speech about moving the city forward.

It was a great event for a great candidate that, when elected, will make a great City-County Councillor.

(full disclosure: I am an honorary co-chair for Zach's campaign, but Zach was my friend before he was a candidate for anything.)


Anonymous said...

Jon Zack was uncontested in slating and so he was a sure winner in the slating convention I do not understand why he needed to announce his campaign.

I know all about Fountain Square I grew there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:04.....did you have a point in your posting??? Why should we question a candidate who calls a gathering to reinforce his candidacy and provide an opportunity for his supporters to gather and socialize. More candidates should do this.