Monday, January 3, 2011

There's a New "Sheriff" in Town, Literally and Figuratively

Everyone probably knows by now that Sheriff John Layton is now in charge of the Marion County Sheriff's Department. As someone that worked with the Layton campaign during the General Election season, I can tell you that the Department is in good hands. There's also a new figurative "Sheriff" in town over at the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, and that's the real story today.

Carl Brizzi is gone. His eight-year mismanagement of the Marion County Prosecutor's Office is over. He is now a radio host, and that might have been the job he wanted all along. In his place is the first Democrat to hold the office in 16 years, but, more than that there is a new wind blowing through that office.

Terry Curry won the office with a campaign that I criticized mildly at times for not being as aggressive as I thought it could have been. That said, they proved me wrong. I am glad for that. We could not have afforded another four years of Republican management in that office. Curry proved that during the campaign he had the temperament, the experience, and the chops to be Prosecutor. The voters also believed in him.

We have already seen that Curry is not afraid to make change. He has made moves in the office and, as the old saying goes, hit the ground running. He has a lot on his desk right now, but he also has to fumigate the stench left over from the Brizzi Administration.

Joining Curry and Layton as new forces in county government is Joe O'Connor, the new Marion County Assessor. O'Connor has years of assessing experience, and he will do a fine job. Billie Breaux, Julie Voorhies, and Beth White all received voter approval for second terms as Auditor, Recorder, and Clerk, respectively.

Marion County is now in mostly Democratic Party hands. Over the next year, Democrats will work hard to take back the City-County Council and the Mayor's Office. If that happens, the GOP will only have pockets of control over township offices and council districts. Thus, 2011 is critical for many reasons.

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