Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slating Slot Machine Has Another Player in City-County Council At-Large Race

The slating slot machine continues as the rumored candidates start to become real candidates.

On Monday, Leroy Robinson added his name to the crowded field of Democratic At-Large City-County Council candidates and filed in slot "D" for slating. He becomes the second candidate to file in that slot.

As you may remember, Chairman Ed Treacy and the Marion County Democratic Party Central Committee devised a method to slate the four At-Large City-County Council seats by slot rather than by field. Last week, I blogged on the subject. Each candidate must select one of four slots to file in. So far, to my knowledge, the candidates are, by slot:

Slot A-Joanne Sanders
Slot B-Pat Andrews, John Barth
Slot C-Zach Adamson
Slot D-Annette Johnson, Leroy Robinson.

It certainly will make things interesting as more rumored candidates come out of the woodwork. Where will the next person file?

While some party loyalists, political pundits, and others are crying bloody murder over the controversial nature of this decision to slate in this manner, I think it makes things very interesting. The political strategy is off the charts.

Will someone decide to file against the incumbent in Sanders?
What will a three-person (or more) race mean in slot B or D?
Will someone make it a two-way (or more) race in slot C?
When is the right time to file?

All of these questions, and I'm sure more, will be answered between now and the close of slating. Slating is February 12 at the Indiana Convention Center.


Wilson46201 said...

thanks for this info -- the slating convention will be fun!!!

Indy Student said...

Anything interesting coming out of the district races? Burns reported a few people interested in District 1 while Evans was still running for Mayor, so could he now face a contested slating?

And didn't you write, several months back, about someone filing to run for the district currently represented by Minton-McNeil?

Anonymous said...

Leroy Robinson has worked against the party slate and the party too many times to suddenly become a serious candidate supported by the party. His horrible attempt at a run for the IPS school board shows what an inept person he is. No way will I ever support Leroy. My vote will be for Annette Johnson who has been there working for Democrat candidates and the party. She has never supported a republican or affiliated herself with any republican group.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon seems to suffer from the delusion that the slate represents the wishes of the members of the political party. Very often whoever is slated is simply someone favored by party leadership. On the Republican side it's even worse as most of our PCs are appointed by the county chair.

I have no problem whatsoever with someone running against the slate. At best, slating is just an endorsement process, not the nomination. And right now it's so manipulated by party leaders as to have any real signficance regarding the quality of the candidate.