Thursday, January 27, 2011

Osili Brings Certain "Star Power" to Council Race

As you know by now, Vop Osili has declared his candidacy for City-County Council in District 15. Osili did things right by talking to Doris Minton-McNeill (who had not declared her intentions to run or not to run) and to Blake Johnson (who agreed to leave the race and support Vop) before just barging in. Osili also clearly struck all the right chords by talking about his willingness to serve.

In Marion County, Osili has become a true political star. While his statewide campaign did not go well, Vop did very well here in this county beating Charlie White by over 20,600 votes here. Given those results and a strong local push, people had him running for everything from State Party Chair to Governor to Mayor to Dog Catcher...ok...not Dog Catcher.

His talents as a businessman and community member will be needed on the Council.

Hats off to Blake Johnson who was running a fine campaign in the 15th. I know that his youthful enthusiasm would have served the district well, but I know he knows that he's leaving the Democratic nomination in good hands.

As far as Doris Minton-McNeill is concerned, she had an extremely rocky beginning that was more than well-documented. We don't need to rehash. Over the last few months, she has been much better. Had she re-upped for reelection, she would have had a tough run to defeat Johnson, but she had the power of incumbency.

Moving forward, it's hard to believe the Republicans will even attempt to put up much of a fight against Osili in the 15th. Osili's going to do a great job.


kris said...

why did blake johnson have to leave the race? let me refine the question. why would osili EXPECT him to leave the race. what would osili had done if johnson wanted to keep campaigning? why does it benefit him to bow out? i was actually looking forward to some "youthful enthusiasm" (which is a phrase i find slightly ageist).

Jon E. Easter said...

He didn't have to, but you'll have to talk to Blake directly about his decision to leave. I've had the conversation with him, but it's up to you to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"Youthful enthusiasm" is definitely needed on the Council and was meant in a positive light. I am sorry you took offense to it.

kris said...

i wasn't offended, just thought it was ageist. maybe i read too much into the comment. what might you have done in the same situation? and why? i'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

I hope Vop has learned to listen and accept advice and humility..his SOS race was on the job training. I hope he learned from it

Anonymous said...

Blake Johnson did not have to leave the race. I am certain that Vop never expected that or asked for that. I have found Blake to be a very astute politician and he must certainly have decided that was the prudent decision. Blake has met many people and made a very positive impact with his energy, intelligence and his hard work for the party. His star is rising and he will be one of the new generation of Democrats.

Jon E. Easter said...

Hard for me to say because I wrote it.