Monday, January 31, 2011

Major Winter Storm To Effect Area

State officials are urging Indiana residents to be prepared for the worst case scenario as a major winter storm continues to barrel towards Indiana.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Governor Mitch Daniels has placed the Indiana Department of Homeland Security in charge of coordinating storm response efforts and preparations.

You might also want to take some time and make plans to weather the storm without power for, what the National Weather Service calls, a "long duration." IPL is telling people to report power outages immediately should they occur at (317) 261-8222. Hospitals and other priority locations will have power restored most quickly.

I could not find much on the city's website about preparing for an ice storm. That certainly needs to change. The Indy Star's Gregg Montgomery wrote this article including 10 tips to survive the storm should it get really bad.

We have not experienced anything like this in Central Indiana for at least 20 years, so it's time to be prepared. Even if you don't need the preparations this time, who knows what you will need in the future?

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