Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kennedy Draws Major Support at Kickoff Event

If a kickoff crowd is any indication, Mayor Greg Ballard may have a lot to deal with in November.

After being told by close staffers as she was en route to her kickoff event that only four people had shown up, Melina Kennedy was shocked to see over 600 people in attendance at her official campaign announcement yesterday. It sends a clear message that people are fired up about Melina as a candidate and ready for Democrats to re-take the 25th floor of the City-County Building.

I did not attend the event because I was working, but she spoke briefly about Ballard and the campaign last night at the Decatur Township Democratic Club. She went after three things specifically.

She said that in the 2007 campaign, Ballard talked about creating jobs, lowering taxes, and getting a handle on public safety. She cited a study that said that Ballard has lost 35,000 jobs. She said that he failed to repeal the county option income tax (that he said he would), and that he has raised more fees than "any mayor we've ever had." She also cited the problems in public safety that continue to plague the Ballard Administration. It's a message still in its infancy stage, but she delivered it with conviction and ease.

It's going to take more than words to be Mayor of Indianapolis. These are just the opening time trials of what promises to be a very expensive and very long race. This will not be a sprint. It's a race that will take a long distance runner, and that's what Kennedy is.

She's ready for the run!

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