Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a New Low

Yesterday, Charlie White was sworn in as the state's highest election officer. He was sworn in while still being investigated for voter fraud. Yes, Charlie White could be indicted as early as February if enough evidence is found by a Grand Jury. This should stun and shame every Hoosier. Instead, many of you voted him in. You overlooked the stench and signed off on it, and it's an embarrassing black eye for the state.

I didn't vote for White. I'm sure that's a surprise to no one, but, since he was elected, he now occupies the office. I'm not going to pass the buck. I guess I didn't work hard enough to get the story out there in the mainstream enough to make a difference. For some reason, you didn't vote for Vop Osili, and that's a great tragedy for th is state.

A mess has now been created. If White is forced out by being convicted of voter fraud, Governor Mitch Daniels would have the selection to see who replaces White. It's possible that White could stand down before that time if he's indicted.

Here's the implication, though. We have a certain amount of documents that have been released that showed a pattern of at least ignorance to election law by a man that had been an elected official for 10 years. This wasn't some political neophyte. Charlie White should have known the law.

Political insiders that I have talked to and that are familiar with the case say that White could be in deep doo doo here on this one. The evidence does seem pretty clear, but White will not be convicted on this blog. He will have his day in court if he is indicted on the charges.

Of course, if that happens, I'm sure there will be outrage from the voters and from the state. When that outrage occurs, if you voted for Charlie White, look no further than yourself for putting him in office, and, if you didn't vote, you also created this issue by sitting on the sidelines and not getting in the game.

Elections have consequences, people. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The consequence of this election was to put a guy like Charlie White who clearly has some problem knowing voter registration law in charge of elections and the voter rolls.

Way to go Indiana.

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