Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Fundraising Numbers

Just some news and numbers here. Hope you enjoy.

At-Large Dems
I thought this might interest some of you. The numbers are in. Here's what the six At-Large candidates on the Democratic side have raised.

Zach Adamson, $18,623.54 (on hand $13,225.13)
Joanne Sanders, $15,094.11 (on hand $10,026.83)
John Barth, $12,530.51 (on hand $9,042.94)
Pat Andrews, $3,433.19 (on hand $1,938.77)
Annette Johnson, $1,477.00 (on hand $1,477.00)
Leroy Robinson (Did not file committee until 1/13/11)

The numbers say it. Adamson and Barth have been out raising money. Andrews has a good start and is planning fundraisers. Annette Johnson has raised little for running as long as she has been running, and Leroy Robinson gets a pass for now though his numbers should post soon.

Poulakidas Knocking It Out of Park
District 4 candidate for City-County Council, Kostas Poulakidas, a Democrat, is pulling in amazing fundraising numbers. The man who is running against incumbent Christine Scales reported over $33,500 on hand! (SEE NOTE BELOW...)

Watch this race! Kip Tew is Poulakidas' Treasurer, and Kip can raise cash!

Dane Mahern Draws Well-Known Opponent
Democrat Dane Mahern has an opponent. George Stergiopoulos, the proprietor of the Greek Islands Restaurant, has filed a committee for Council in District 19. Mahern is running for his third term on the Council, and it has been two tight runs for him. Mahern knows how to win tight races, and, while Stergiopoulous is a well-known name, Mahern enters with the advantage of incumbency.

At the end of '10, Mahern had $7,310 on hand. Stergiopoulous had $8,662.29 on hand. It's going to be competitive again in 19!

Farber Takes on Vaughn
Len Farber filed on January 3 to take on City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn. Farber is a longtime loyal Democrat. He faces a fight against Vaughn, but he would make a great City-County Councillor. Should be an interesting race to watch.

Gibson's Fundraising Numbers: Laughable
Ron Gibson's campaign for Mayor shows, on the face of it, a fairly decent balance. Right now, Gibson's showing $14,577.33 raised and $11,612.60 on hand. Of that, $11,709.67 was transferred from his Council re-election campaign. The rest of the money comes from just six individuals. One of those people lives outside of Indianapolis, and the fifth person is Gibson, himself.

So, how many people living in Indianapolis gave Ron Gibson money? Four. By any measure, that's disappointing for a person that wants to be your next Mayor.

It's clear that I goofed in the original post when I listed Ginny Cain as Kostas Poulakidas' opponent. I have fixed that error. The point is still the same even though it's Christine Scales who is the incumbent in that district. Scales has $4,450 cash on hand that's not even close to what Poulakidas has raised. My apologies for this error.

Also, today's filings show Sherron Franklin, a former 12th-District City-County Councillor, has filed a committee to run for At-Large City-County Council as a Democrat. Franklin, who was with IPD at the time, drew the ire of her own party when she voted against the Mayor Bart Peterson-pushed police merger between IPD and the Marion County Sheriff's Department. She was appointed by Mayor Greg Ballard to run the city's abandoned housing reduction initiative. I can't imagine that Franklin will have many loyal Democrats lining up behind her to put her back on the Council, At-Large. It will be interesting to see if she runs at slating.

Franklin's old seat, now represented by Mike McQuillen, also had Regina Marsh file as a Democrat to run against McQuillen. Franklin won that district by 13 votes in 2003, but she lost in a landslide in 2007.


Indy Student said...

District 4 is represented by Christine Scales, who had a close race in 2007.

IndyDem said...

Looks like the Dems are hitting the road running!
One note* Kostas is running against Christine Scales.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Christine Scales is in Dist. 4, not Ginny Cain.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It sounds like Gibson has as many individual contributors as the Wishard PAC and that got about 80% of the vote. The Wishard PAC report showed only about 2-3 individuals contributed, while two non-profits gave about $1.75 million. I have no doubt they were funnelling contributions through the non-profits to make the otherwise non-deductible political contributions, deductible.

Sorry to get off the subject...

Wilson46201 said...

Sherron Franklin also obstinately refused to vote for the Human Right Ordinance expansion to include LGBT citizens.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks for posting that Wilson. I knew that, but I somehow forgot to add it to the post.

Len said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jon.
Please note, my first name is Len. I was actually named after my grandmother, Lena. My father liked short names. 8)>