Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curry Restores Bit of Trust in Prosecutor's Office

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry broke in a major way yesterday with his predecessor Carl Brizzi and re-filed DUI charges against IMPD Officer David Bisard. The K-9 officer was involved in a fatal accident back in August that killed one motorcyclist, Eric Wells and seriously injured two others.

As you may recall, Bisard’s blood alcohol test showed that he was over the legal limit at the time, but Brizzi threw out the charges because he thought they would not stand up in court because of the way the blood was drawn.

During the campaign, Curry promised to review the case and re-file the charges if elected. He delivered yesterday.

In response, Brizzi seemed to acknowledge the charge as part of the process. He told the Indianapolis Star, “Terry Curry made a campaign promise. I don't know if politics is playing into this, but he said he was going to do it, so he has to do it."

I would argue that Curry is probably not playing politics but more doing the job he was elected to do. It’s Curry’s job to review the case and determine what charges are necessary. It’s the court’s job to decide if the Prosecutor’s Office made the right case.

Brizzi became notorious during the last few months of his term for refusing to charge people even when the cases seemed to be slam dunks. It contributed to the trust erosion between the public and one of its chief warriors for public safety.

Curry’s decision to re-file the charges helps to recover some of that eroded trust and now, at least, Bisard can have his day in court to find out his fate and the families of the victims of the accident can also see justice served one way or another.

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