Monday, January 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Wright to Resign As Mayor of Beech Grove

A trusted source is telling me and the blog The Other Side of Beech Grove confirms that Mayor Joe Wright announced tonight at a Beech Grove Council Meeting that he will resign effective in two weeks.

Rumors are swirling about the circumstances of the resignation. More to come on this story, I'm sure.

The City of Beech Grove has come on hard economic times and recently 911 dispatchers were axed in a budget-cutting move. My sources say that Republicans including Brian Bosma (the city's attorney) pressured Wright to resign.

Sources are telling me that Terry Dilk is the favorite to replace Wright as Mayor. Dilk, a key player on the Beech Grove Redevelopment Commission, recently filed to form an exploratory committee to run for Mayor. If he replaces Wright, he can run as an incumbent.

Sources say that Beech Grove is nearly bankrupt. I'm told state legislators will consider a bill this session to possibly allow municipal bankruptcies.

At-Large Councillor Buddy Templin is considering a run at Democratic nomination for the Mayor's Office.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Buckley, the former fire chief of Beech Grove, will also be seeking the Democratic nomination for for Mayor's Office. Buckley is the candidate Beech Grove needs. Honest and able to serve with integrity as opposed to others who have continually served their own self interests above those of Beech Grove and ran the city into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

why even have a seperate is ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Dennis Buckley is a JOKE and a republican running as a democrat. He was around almost the entire time Wright was. By the way whoever they elect, it will have to be on the republican side!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Buckley worked for BG mainly under a Democratic administration and was appointed Fire Chief under Mayor Warner Wiley who was a Democrat. Mayor Wright kept him on as he did several Democrats in key positions in the city. Someone is trying to stir up falsehoods , but the proof is in the pudding. Beech Grove needs to remain its own city and with the choices we will have for mayor, I would choose Dennis!

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Buckly, the residents know whats true!!

Go with the only democrat in the race, Bud Templin!!

User 2 said...

Yes, the residents of Beech Grove do know what is "TRUE"! Dennis Buckley served their community as Fire Chief for over a decade with honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the people of this community he calls home. Dennis served successfully under both Democrat and Republican Parties proving he is bipartisan. Being a man of strong integrity, Dennis will run a clean campaign of governance – he will lay a platform of how he plans to tackle the current financial crisis with honesty and loyalty to the people of Beech Grove. The City of Beech Grove needs a Mayor that will govern based on our founding fathers ideology “In God We Trust,” and not a politician that lays their platform on egotism and smearing the other candidates. We want to know HOW the candidate is going to FIX the CRISIS left by the current administration!!! Dennis Buckley has proven his commitment and loyalty to this community for over a decade and I will vote for him.