Sunday, January 23, 2011

At-Large Non-Democrats Short on Campaign Cash

So far, three of the four incumbents on the City-County Council have filed some pretty thin campaign finance reports.

While there are some district races that look promising for the D's, the focus of turning the Council will be on the four At-Large seats. Two Republicans and one Libertarian currently hold those seats. Democrat Joanne Sanders sits in the fourth At-Large seat.

Republican Angel Rivera raised over $10,500 last year, but he has just $1,096.97 in his campaign account. What did he spend his cash on? Well, as far as I can tell, it went to Printing, PAC contributions, attorneys fees, and campaign contributions. Read his campaign report here. Republican Barbara Malone raised no money, had no expenditures, and carries over a $1,487.50 balance. Ed Coleman has $1,248.00 on hand.

That means, taken together, the Republicans and Ed Coleman have $3,832.47. The top three money-raisers on the Democratic side, Zach Adamson, Joanne Sanders, and John Barth, have a combined $32,294.70 in the bank.

I'll let you do the math from there.


Wilson46201 said...

Whoever gets slated and nominated by the Indianapols GOP will be carried by Ballard's political campaign. It's going to be uphill for all of them!

That definitely leaves out Ed Coleman. I doubt if the Libertarian coffers are sufficient for a competitive race. His apostasy cost him any possibility of re-election.

Indy Student said...

And while a good chunk of the D At-Large candidates have been campaigning since early 2010, nobody seems to have any clue who will be the other 2 candidates for the GOP's team.

Paul K. Ogden said...

"Apostasy? Was that the "Word of the Day" Wilson?

Wilson46201 said...

Sorry -- I forgot to dumb down my vocabulary so that Republicans can read my occasional commentary.