Saturday, January 15, 2011

Abdul May Be Making Stuff Up Again III

My friend, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, is out stirring the pot again. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. In this blog post, he accuses Ed Treacy of all sorts of things and says that Adam Kirsch, the Executive Director of the MCDP "berated" March of Dimes volunteers in the "parking lot" at the party.

I guess I should have known better when I clicked in to a post called "a Particularly Partisan Post."

Abdul claims that Treacy has been removing appointed PCs without letting them know or without telling their Ward Chairs. I haven't heard anything about this. I do know that the MCDP has been trying to get its house in order and has been trying to get effective PCs who will do the job of a precinct committeeperson in place. I have not yet heard of the phenomenon that Abdul speaks of, so I will say it's plausible but not entirely likely and Abdul or others may be misunderstanding something.

Abdul also claims that Treacy sent out a letter threatening PCs with their jobs if their areas didn't go Democratic. Again, I haven't seen the letter, and, as a Ward Chair I never received it. None of the PCs in my area have received anything like that, and none of my friends countywide have said anything. I believe I probably would have heard of it had it been done on a wide scale.

As far as the parking lot deal, there is a fairly small parking lot across the street from the new Democratic HQ at 148 E. Market St. It's not open for public parking, and I believe that it's actually shared by everyone in the building. There is no public "parking lot" at the new headquarters. If someone was parked there, they likely didn't belong there. Perhaps that was the reason someone was "berated" by Kirsch. I honestly have never heard Adam raise his voice for any reason, and I have had pointed conversations with him before.

As I commented on his blog, I think it sounds like Abdul is probably making sh*t up again to stir the pot or at least making a bigger deal about things than they truly are. He needs better Democratic sources, that's for sure.

I keep waiting for the expose on what happens on the other side of things since he claims not to be partisan.


Paul K. Ogden said...

"Abdul claims that Treacy has been removing appointed PCs without letting them know..."

That's exactly what former Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John did to me before the county convention where John was re-elected. Apparently it's only wrong when Democrats remove appointed PCs without telling them..

Anonymous said...

I would like for Abdul to give one example......he is a GOP hack who throws bombs and tries to stir up trouble within the Dem ranks........Abdul, give us an example.....just one, come on, Abdul

Indy Student said...

We hear a lot about some pretty bad stuff on the county Democrats from the Indiana Barrister author. It often casts them in a bad light and makes it look like the organization is run by buffoons.

That being said, would we ever hear anything that would cast the county GOP in a negative light? Would Abdul even mention that TOJO ran in 2008 as a precinct committeeman in the wrong district and lost, and then appointed himself as a PC so he could stay county chairman?

This isn't to say that Abdul should change his believes or not have his biases. He is, after all, an opinion guy. But it's selective reporting. He'll post the most vicious rumors of county Dems (and in the case of the Living Room, from less-than-reliable sources), but he gives the GOP a pass in similar situations such as the TOJO dilemma I mentioned.

Jon, you really should take Abdul up on his offer at some point. I know it must be hard to do a live-studio appearance with your work schedule, but maybe you can fit it in during a summer or something like that? I'm getting kind of sick of Chris Worden as the lone Democrat on that show (kidding, Chris).