Friday, January 28, 2011

25 Years Ago: The Challenger Disaster

The nurse's office at Chapelwood Elementary...that's where I was when I heard about the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. Our principal elected to not show the entire school the launch. Instead, I learned about it when I went to use my inhaler. The nurse's assistant told me something had happened to the Challenger, but she didn't tell me what.

I learned more when I got home that night. I sat and watched the coverage with my grandmother and then with my parents.

There's still no better tribute to the Challenger Seven and the dangers of our space program than President Ronald Reagan's. Here it is in almost its entirety.

We still look at space with wonder and amazement, and, for a 10-year-old that loved astronomy like me, this moment in history is forever etched in the mind.

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