Thursday, December 16, 2010

Part of Local Blogosphere Playing Out Like Jerry Springer Episode

When I read a few local blogs on the other side of the aisle, I sometimes look for Steve Wilkos, Jerry Springer's old security guy, to jump in and start separating people.


Yeah, it's a mess over there. None of the three big dogs on the local right wing of the blogosphere seem to like each other (well, two of them don't like Abdul, it seems). Those bloggers are Gary Welsh, Paul Ogden, and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

Abdul fired the latest round in the constant battle between the bloggers. Abdul criticized Ogden and Welsh for speaking out against the Republican establishment and then refusing to run for Marion County GOP Chair themselves.

Ogden responded in kind.

Welsh recently took Abdul to task over his fake job search. Welsh is also known for making fun of (and sometimes misinterpreting) Abdul's ratings.

Anyway, this spectacle is more interesting by the post. I don't always agree with Pat Andrews (Had Enough Indy) or with Terry Burns (Indianapolis Times) or with Chris Worden (iPOPA) or Thomas Cook (Blue Indiana) or even with more moderate voices like Matt Stone (Indy Student), but we don't take it battle royale style like the right does. We might send each other an e-mail or two behind the scenes, but we usually keep our spats out of the public spotlight, and they never get personal.

Seems like much of the disagreement comes from perspective. It's clear that Ogden and Welsh have more of a renegade view of the party while Abdul tendes to toe the GOP line a bit more stepping out of the lines very rarely. Well, it should be fun to see how this latest round plays out.


Indy Student said...

In my view, someone should take the lead and be the better man and just flat out ignore the "opposition".

That said, I think Ogden's latest post didn't go "personal" , which is something that Abdul and Gary don't always ahear to. Ogden's post strictly attacks Abdul's points, not the person. Both you and I have done that in the past, Jon, and I have no problem if Ogden chooses to address his critics' points.

artfuggins said...

Abdul is just Ballard's lap dog.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Abdul and Ogden is simple. Abdul is in it for the fame and money.Ogden is in it because he really does care about this city.