Monday, December 27, 2010

Odd Coincidences...

Well, 44 and 43 have something in common. They both nearly had unwanted visitors over the holidays.

On Wednesday night, a man showing off his Plymouth Barracuda muscle car to a friend lost control of the car when his accelerator stuck, and he ended up on George W. Bush's lawn in Dallas. While the Bushes were home, they were not injured, and it's not believed that the motorist wanted or even intended to hurt the former President or First Lady.

Then, on Christmas Eve, another motorist crashed through an outer roadblock at President Barack Obama's vacation compound near Honolulu. The President was on the links at the time and was not harmed. Again, it's thought that the motorist, who was trying to run from Honolulu Police at the time was not intending to harm the Obamas.

Still, it's just odd.

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