Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange=Small Potatoes, U.S.

Yesterday, we found out that Julian Assange was a punk, and we didn't need any Wikileaks to tell us that. He's a punk...allegedly a sex offender, but he's not a terrorist, Mitch McConnell, and he doesn't need to be executed, Mike Huckabee.

The diplomatic cables that Assange has released through his website Wikileaks have amounted to little more than high school gossip. If the United States had not blown a gasket over this stuff, it likely would have faded into the ether. I mean, is there really anything that bad in the leaks thus far only kind of maybe throwing back the curtain to see that countries talk about each other and maybe don't trust each other that much?

Embarrassing...yes, but is Julian Assange really a terrorist? Absolutely not. As non-groundbreaking as what he's releasing is, Assange is a journalist. The media outlets that published his leaks should be treated as such under the First Amendment.

Assange is claiming that if he's arrested that he's just a button click away from more stunning revelations. Ohhhhhkay. I say arrest the fool for the charges he's facing in Sweden and be done with it.

Certainly the U.S. knows what's in those cables. If we don't, then we probably have serious intelligence problems anyway. If you're so concerned about him releasing the hounds, then release the hounds on your own. Something tells me though, as a friend of mine pointed out, that if anything were that groundbreaking that Assange would be in Djibouti with maybe some CIA dude named Biff using his nose for a badminton birdie.

You do have to admit, though, that Assange does have some sort of James Bond villain quality to him. I mean, he looks that part.

Oh well, wonder what we'll find out this time? That our banks are bad for their customers. That BP is bad. That Barack Obama thinks that Hugo Chavez has bad breath, and that Hillary Clinton won't sit at Kim Jong-Il's lunch table at recess. I guess I could be wrong, but that's what I think of what Wikileaks has released so far. The bad thing is that someone will likely pay for these leaks for a long, long, long time.

I'm of the mind that there will be a push for "Internet security" that will result in maybe a Patriot Act II. I'm sure that this blog post is being scrutinized at the FBI and the CIA right now. What's that helicopter sound outside??? Oh dear!

The black helicopters didn't get me yet, but the Brits have arrested Assange. I guess we'll wait for that next round of leaks now?

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