Sunday, December 12, 2010

He's Not Running

Senator Evan Bayh is pulling out of the Gubernatorial race for 2012. That's the word in the Indianapolis Star. Bayh had said he would make a decision around New Year's as to his future, and he's done it early.

While no doubt, the liberals in the Democratic Party will be dancing down Washington Street, moderates and others who actually care about winning the Governor's Office back out of the damaging hands of the GOP should be concerned.

More reaction to this tomorrow on Indy Democrat.


Aaron said...

Just a hint... Liberals also care about winning elections. So before you make yourself sound like Evan Bayh generally does when talking about liberals, take a second to think.

At least this liberal doesn't think like Jim DeMint. I don't want to have only 30 seats in the Senate if that's all we can get true progressives in.

I was glad to see Evan Bayh leave the Senate and I would have been glad to see him be our nominee for Governor. There are nuances in this world, Jon.

Anonymous said...

I also want a Dem governor but what good does it do to get a Dem governor who is afraid to do anything or governs like a republican. If we are going to have a governor who thinks like a republican or does nothing then it might just as well be a republican. I am ready for a Democratic governor with Democratic ideas. I dont care if he/she is liberal, moderate or conservative. I just want a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Oh one is a bigger liberal than I am and I was looking forward to a Bayh/Pence battle.

Why would you imply that liberals don't want to win elections? Judging by the last election, not only do we want to win, liberals and progressives did win.

Blue dogs....not so much

Jon E. Easter said...

I think that many liberals would rather lose a race on principle than have someone compromise. I think we're seeing that right now in Washington on the tax cut debate.

Anonymous said...

The is a difference between compromise and a complete sell out, wishy washy, no idea, no plan, wimp. Bayh is all of those.