Sunday, December 19, 2010

Congress Slays Don't Ask, Don't Tell

With the stroke of a pen by Barack Obama sometime tomorrow, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will be finished in a bi-partisan chorus of progress.

Eight Republicans crossed over the aisle to join with 57 Democrats to provide a 65-31 victory for DADT opponents. Senator Evan Bayh was presiding when the votes were counted, and he made the historic announcement.

As many celebrate this victory, please don't take it as a personal win. This is not a victory for liberals or a victory for President Obama. This was a win for America, the Constitution, and, most of all, our fighting men and women in uniform or those that want to join them in uniform.

John McCain still didn't get it yesterday. He said, on the floor of the Senate that there would be "high fiving" in the "liberal bastions" of society and that the Sunday morning talk shows would be filled with pundits talking about how great this was that "never served" in the military.

What's sad is that John McCain has served his country. He gave his blood, the full use of his arms, and years of his life to this country as he was a POW. John McCain, no doubt, served with gay people. How could someone who served in battle and who gave so much for his country deny that to others knowing, firsthand, the sacrifices he made?

It was McCain that kept moving the goalposts. At first, he said that he would support a DADT repeal when the military leaders told him it was appropriate. He did not.

He said he would support DADT's repeal when a military-commissioned study said it was appropriate. He did not.

In this victory for our soldiers, John McCain was exposed as a pure partisan hack. His convictions that he used to seem to hold to as a moderate "maverick" are long, long gone. Make no mistake, McCain has become what he used to rail against.

But, enough about him. Yesterday, a major barrier fell. After the bill is signed, 60 days will have to pass, but, while the rain continues, the storm has passed. Congress finally did its duty.

Good riddance to DADT.


Anonymous said...

Lugar caved to the tea party republicans. They still won't support him and he has lost some of his moderate and independent support.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I don't know where Anon came up with that one. This issue has nothing to do with conservative v. liberal. It is strictly a generational issue. Conservative older voters supported the policy while younger conservatives did not. The tea party is made up of older and younger voters and their support or opposition to the policy is based on age. Thee is hardly a "tea party consensus" either way.

Anonymous said...

All Democrats voting in the senate, voted for the repeal. Believe me that is not a particulary young group. The entire Indiana Democrat delagation in both the house and senate voted for the repeal while the entire GOP delegation voted against repeal. I don't think that age was a factor as much as discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Of the 8 senate repubs supporting repeal:

Senator Voinovich age 74
Senator Snowe age 63
Senator Collins Age 58
Senator Burr Age 55
Senator Murkowski Age 53
Senator Ensign Age 52
Senators Kirk and Brown Age 51

I guess these represent the younger voters of the GOP.

Doug said...

The only consensus among the tea baggers is that they hate President Obama.