Friday, December 10, 2010

Anderson Refuses to Close Door on Mayoral Run

Frank Anderson, the outgoing Marion County Sheriff, refused to close the door on a run for Indianapolis Mayor, according to an Indianapolis Star article by Vic Ryckaert.

Anderson had been originally speculated to be a potential candidate for the office, but he decided to run for Indiana State Senate against Republican Jim Merritt. Anderson lost that race and has been winding down his term as Sheriff.

Ryckaert reports that Anderson said he’s undecided on a run for Mayor of Indianapolis. As far as his plans after he leaves office, Anderson told Ryckaert, "That's up to God," he said. "I'm just proud that the people have the confidence in me to be a public servant."

He added, “"I'm not going to sit down here and do nothing. There's so many things that need to be solved, resolved and worked out."

If he enters the race, that would make a run at the office suddenly a lot tougher for Melina Kennedy. Kennedy has been running for well over a year and has already elbowed out big names like Kathy Davis, Kip Tew, and Joe Hogsett who had decided to run or were at least considering a run. Indianapolis businessman Brian Williams also left the race after a strong start and immediately endorsed Kennedy. City-County Councillor Jose Evans and former City-County Councillor Ron Gibson both remain in the race.

Anderson’s rolodex is full of who’s who’s in Marion County politics, and it would take him no time at all to raise the funds necessary for a run. In October, Anderson had nearly $78,000 cash on hand in his Senate campaign account. Kennedy, at last report, had over $220,000.

Expect a decision soon. Anderson likely would want to get in the slating pool. Slating is in early February.

I had a chance to speak with one of Sheriff Anderson's advisors, and I am told that the Sheriff has NO intention of running for Mayor of Indianapolis. I'm told that the assertion that he is interested is not correct, and that they don't understand what the Star was trying to do by implying that he was even considering a run.

Frank Anderson will not be a candidate for Mayor.

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