Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yep, He's Running

Rahm Emanuel announced today that he will run to become the next Mayor of Chicago ending speculation that he would seek that office since he left his job as White House Chief of Staff earlier this year. The 50-year-old former U.S. Representative and former Clinton and Obama Administration veteran was a key ally and advisor in Mayor Richard Daley's run for Mayor back in 1989.

Mayor Daley announced a few months ago that he would not seek another term of office. He has been the Mayor of Chicago since 1989.

This should be a fun race to watch. The election is on February 22 in Chi-town with a possible runoff on April 5 if no one receives 50 percent of the vote.

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Anonymous said...

One thing is for certain. Rahm will not take any of the b.s. that the Repubs dish out all over the country. I think as Dems that sometimes we are too passive in responding to their lies, slander and outrageous conspiracy theories.