Monday, November 29, 2010

Rumors Flying on Straub, Vaughn

A highly-regarded Republican source tells me that Dr. Frank Straub's about to have some difficulty in the City-County Council getting some of his own appointments past the Republican caucus on the Council. My source tells me that the Republicans are playing hard ball to force Mayor Greg Ballard's hand to appoint a new public safety director.

That's the rumor.

I am having trouble independently confirming this rumor, however. Another highly-regarded source familiar with the Council tells me that key Republicans are actually happy with Straub and feel like they can get some good reforms with him in place. My source also points out that Straub is a Democrat by registration and that should not necessarily be a bad thing for Democrats. Is it time to back off for the Dems?

Split decision.

The same Republican source tells me that if Ballard does not run for re-election that you can expect City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn to do so. After all, Vaughn has carried the Ballard Administration's water loyally. He has been Ballard's voice on the Council even as the President.

My other source, again, doubts that this is true. This source points out that Vaughn could not even get through slating for the Indiana Senate seat he ran for in a Republican area. That was also with Mayor Ballard's help.

Split decision.

The truth is out there, but there are a bunch of rumors flying around, too.


Indy Student said...

I can at least confirm that Straub is a registered Democrat, or at least was in New York where you do register by party. He said so as much several weeks ago on Carl Brizzi's WIBC Saturday afternoon show, Crimebeat

Paul K. Ogden said...

Vaughn is not going to give up a secure seat on the council to run for Mayor which the Rs might have only a 20% chance of winning next time.

I have never been 100% convinced Ballard will run for a second term. I'm about 90% convinced though. I think a major reason is that those people cashing in on Ballard will want to extend it as long as possible. They can't do that if he's a lame duck not running for re-election.

Anonymous said...

Straub is probably a chameleon. He is what he needs to be to get a job. A man with no real convictions. Sounds a little bit like Evan Bayh.