Friday, November 5, 2010

Carson Goes Back to Washington

I will admit that I was a little concerned on Tuesday when I heard early election returns coming in. The 7th Congressional District race was closer than I expected at that point. For like 2.1 seconds, I entertained the possibility of Congressman Marvin Scott. Finally, as the night wore on and the votes were reported, Congressman Andre Carson pulled away for a 30,778 vote win over Scott. Thank goodness. I didn't want to sell my house.

At nearly 59 percent of the vote, the percentage was the second-highest in this incarnation of the 7th Congressional District since it was first created in 2002. Carson takes back to Washington a mandate to continue pushing and supporting a liberal/progressive agenda.

Unlike many Democrats, Carson didn’t run away from the reforms he voted for. He ran toward them. It probably cost him some votes (he garnered 65 percent of the vote in 2008), but it didn’t cost him the election.

It also underscores another reason why Marvin Scott should slink off into the sunset. Scott tried his hardest to make Carson’s religion an issue in this campaign. He also tried to get people to believe that the 7th District was “5,500 voters” from changing to a Republican district. His association with noted ultra conservative and controversial pundit Stan Solomon hurt his credibility. Also, the incessant and totally false claims that Carson somehow believes and wants to enact Sharia Law were just well…we’ll leave it at that.

Carson won the 7th District because he’s a good candidate and he’s been a great Congressman for his constituents. He’s been visible, responsive, and accessible. On the day of the Labor Day Parade, for example, he marched in that parade and then went down and marched in the Miracle Mile Parade in Perry Township. In mid-October, he was in Decatur Township. He’s been in Beech Grove and all over the Northside. Carson is everywhere in the 7th, and, if anyone tells you he’s not, they aren’t looking.

Carson proved once again at the ballot box that he is absolutely the right person for this job. The fact that his last name is Carson might have opened a few doors, but the way he has conducted himself at the highest level as a Congressman is what has kept him there and has guaranteed him another two years in office.

The 7th District can be proud of Andre Carson, and the voters that gave him that winning margin can be proud of keeping him in Congress.


Bob said...

I have to admit that I was not a fan of Congressman Carson when he first came onto the scene. I was disappointed when he won the nomination... and even voted against him in the special election and 1st general election (Jon Elrod was the lone Indiana House Republican that supported Marriage Equality). But since that time I've come full circle. He's been wonderful to the district and to this state. He represents ALL of us. I'm PROUD to tell people that Andre Carson is MY congressman! I hope he's here to stay for a long, long time. (I'm borderline being in the god-forsaken 5th district. I just hope our new power-hungry statehouse doesn't throw me in there! Speaking of which... Mr. Burton has been awfully quiet. Scary!)

Anonymous said...


I think the Congressman actually got 59% of the vote.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am proud of my hard working congressman and I like the way he speaks up on issues critical to the citizens of the 7th district.

Wilson46201 said...

André Carson did even better than you reported: he got 59% of the votes cast for Indianapolis Congressman! Scott trailed at 38% and the Libertarian got 3%.

Jon E. Easter said...

You are all correct! From Don't know what I was thinking.

Vote for 1
ANDRE D. CARSON (DEM) . . . . . . 85,938 58.83
MARVIN B. SCOTT (REP) . . . . . . 55,169 37.77
DAV WILSON (LIB) . . . . . . . . 4,813 3.29
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 154 .11