Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At Some Point, the Problem is With You!

Last Friday's outburst by Dr. Frank Straub at an assembly of IMPD officers showed much about the kind of person he is. He's frustrated and at the end of his rope, and I understand why.

He's tired...just like we all are...of the riff raff in IMPD. I know many good people within the department that are tired of it, too. They are fed up, and they want the good news to bubble up instead of the bad. If Dr. Straub were to look, I think he would find this to be the prevailing opinion.

The fact is this. Under Straub's watch, more and more and more of these stories continue to bubble up. Under Straub's watch, a few IMPD officers are still continuing to bring embarrassment to the Department and to the city. Under Straub's watch, things aren't getting better.

Unfortunately, Mayor Greg Ballard, by many accounts, has handed the control of everything public safety over to Straub with little oversight. It was Ballard, you will recall, that wrested control of IMPD back to the Mayor from the elected Sheriff, Frank Anderson, as one of the first major actions of his Administration. Thus, this has been his Department since 2008.

Even if you buy that Straub has not been on the job that long, Mayor Ballard has. He and previous Public Safety Director, Scott Newman, oversaw this Department prior to Straub.

Thus, if there's exasperation on the part of Straub at the officers of IMPD, much of that has to go directly back to himself, his predecessor, and to his boss, Mayor Ballard.

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AtlasShrugged said...

I liked Dr. Straub's "New Centurions" speech. I read it twice. Its too early in the game to turn on Straub. Reorganization of the IMPD is likely to be a work in progress under any Public Safety Director. Mr. Ballard conducted an exhaustive search to find the right man. Straub, the Chief and the Mayor, they're a team. We have to give them some time to accomplish their objectives. I think critics deserve to blast away. But Straub is entitled to some time to whip 1600 officers into tip top shape. Indianapolis police officers will rise to the challenge.