Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Call Dan Coats Out For Being a Hypocrite at (317) 251-2200

Have you seen the latest piece of campaign goulash squeezed out from the Dan Coats campaign?

This ad would be laugh out loud funny. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! In the end, it's just sad.

Dan Coats, who has spent the last month attacking Brad Ellsworth, distorting his voting record, and linking one of the most conservative Blue Dog Democrats in the House to liberals is now saying that attack ads have no place in the campaign. What a dipstick! What a freaking dipstick!!

I don't namecall very often, but, own up to your own actions. Quit being a hypocrite and stop lying to Hoosier voters...if you can for five minutes, sir.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but that ad is 30 seconds of bull(expletive deleted) and some of it is plagiarism. Brad Ellsworth's first web ad talked about how this election was "about you." Now, Coats is trying on the same campaign rhetoric.

It makes me mad, and it should make you mad, too. Integrity is something that we should all want in a U.S. Senator. Dan Coats just proved that his integrity went out the window a long, long time ago. Sad, sickening, despicable. LOBBYIST DAN COATS. Someone get the word out on this guy, PLEASE!

If Dan Coats wins this Senate race, Indiana will have no Democrats in the Senate and only one Senator with a little bit of courage and integrity in Washington.

Call Dan Coats and tell him to stop being hypocritical. He started the mudslinging. I guess he's afraid to get dirty now.


Anonymous said...

"tell dan coats to quit lying!"

Just called and boy do i feel better.

Dan Coats is the worst of the worst. Ellsworth better turn up the heat fast.

Anonymous said...

Is Ellsworth not advertising much? Granted, I watch mostly Ohio TV, but when I do watch Indiana stations, I rarely see an Ellsworth ad. Coats' ads are on all the time.

On a related note, Indiana politicians need to buy ad time in the Dayton and Cincinnati TV markets. There are a lot of people in eastern and southeastern Indiana who rarely watch Indianapolis TV.

Shelli said...

I have been doing some research all night, and see that Dan Coats has been very hypocritical in a lot of ways.

If it wouldn't be too much of an imposition, I would love it if you could summarize each of his hypocritical acts, including links to things that back up what you're saying, and even videos.

I run a website called Hypocrites In Politics, and would very much like to include this. There is a submit form on the website that is very easy to understand and navigate.

Thank you for your potential help and consideration!

(PS ... any other hypocritical politician you know of would be helpful as well!)