Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victim? Really Charlie?

The Indianapolis Star reports that Charlie White is trying to solicit campaign funds to get television ads up and on the air to try to right the sinking ship otherwise known as his campaign.

Of course, White has been accused of and is under investigation for possibly committing voter fraud.

The White camp is accusing his opponent, Democrat Vop Osili, of playing dirty politics. As the Star puts it, "According to White's website, White wants voters to show Osili 'that hiding behind these shameful tactics to avoid talking about the real issues will not work.'"

Hmmm...ok...so what if potentially having committed voter fraud is a REAL ISSUE in a race to determine the state's highest ELECTION OFFICER? Seems like Osili has the high ground on this one. Osili told the Star he'd be willing to discuss the facts in the ad with White.

The Star isn't the only one writing about Charlie White's issues. Brian Howey went off on White in a column published in the News and Tribune. When I say went off, I mean...WENT OFF! His piece here is well worth the read.

Charlie White can play the victim all he wants. I say it's hard to convincingly play the victim when you gift wrap a whopper like this for your opponent.

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