Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Party of Brizzi Files Ethics Complaint...Nope...Not Kidding!

Apologies to former Indianapolis Colts head coach, Jim Mora, but:

Earlier today, Jim Shella reported that the Marion County GOP had the nerve to file an ethics complaint against Democratic nominee for Marion County Sheriff, John Layton.

The party of ethically-challenged Carl Brizzi says that Layton violated ethics rules by using some of the images his campaign used in his latest ad, specifically those of uniformed officers and squad cars.

Republicans know that they are in trouble in the Sheriff's race with John Layton as the Democratic nominee. Layton's qualifications for the job of Marion County Sheriff are impeccable. Dennis Fishburn's are so-so, and that's probably being kind. Fishburn can't boast any of the experience that Layton can.

So, the Republicans decide to attack the latest ad. I guess they figure that they can't beat Layton, so they will file this ethics complaint to see if they can get the ad off the air.

Knowing the people that are working Layton's campaign, I have to say that this ad probably meets or exceeds ethics standards. All of these folks are veterans of many campaigns and understand the law and rules. I doubt this complaint will last long.

In the mean time, John Layton's brilliant ad runs on. In fact, I'll put it here again.

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Anonymous said...

What is legal about using city funds to campaign?