Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Open Letter...

To the anonymous person that keeps posting bigoted comments directed at Muslims here:

I am moderating the comments, and your comments will not be posted. You could post them 200 times, and I will not post them. All I have to do is click a box and report all of the comments as spam.

If you wish to put out your agenda, feel free. Get your own blogger website and post away.

Jon Easter
Indy Democrat Blog

PS: To the rest of you, I apologize for interrupting your day. It's just that someone with an anti-Muslim agenda has left approximately 20 comments here today...most on posts that have nothing to do with anything Muslim.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jon. While I am not Muslim. I am embarrassed at the bigotry and ignorant comments made by some people. I wish I knew if they really believe their claims or if they are just trying to smear the religion.

Anita said...

I don't get it. I am not a regular reader (I have you bookmarked, just do not get here every week) and I have no clue as to what was being said by the 'anti-Muslim' poster.

Maybe a condensed snip of the gist of the comments that you disallowed would allow your readers to better understand why you chose to censor.

Speaking about Islam is not necessarily 'anti' anything.

Is Islam a religion or an ideology?

Talking about Islam is educational and talking about the actions of some believers in Islam can be educational also.

So, what was so horrible about this particular poster?

Anonymous said...

The kinds of claims made by Marvin Scott on his web site are the kind of comments that do not deserve to be printed. His web site has been nothing but a misinformation filled rant against Muslims.

Jon E. Easter said...

One particularly ridiculous comment left yesterday (on a post from last November that had to do with Carl Brizzi) accused Vop Osili of being a Muslim. He's not. He's a Christian.

"vop osili is probably a muslim his architectural firm has connections with muslims muslims are running for office in every part of our Country now beware just follow this link and see the effect of voting muslims into office their goal is to eventually take us over"

There you go. I omitted the link. No sense in giving this guy or gal any more glory than they deserve.