Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Massa's Plan: Steakhouse Tastes on a McDonald's Budget

Republican candidate for Prosecutor, Mark Massa, has released an ad that touts a "new kind" of crimefighting for Marion County. This as property tax caps are about to be likely voted in to our state's constitution and, as Mayoral Candidate Melina Kennedy points out, our county's budget is slipping into the red.

Marion County and Indianapolis can't pay for many of the services that are being provided today, but Mark Massa somehow believes that he can provide these new services apparently at no cost to the taxpayer.

Here is the ad:

Massa is promising a rapid response team (who knows what department that would be put under). If he's trying to grow the Prosecutor's Office, then why does he show police in the ad? If this will be a new police agency, wouldn't that require IMPD's cooperation, and how does he do that without speaking to the Mayor and the Public Safety Director? Massa's also interested in a DNA Database Team. I believe we actually already have one of those, but maybe he's trying to grow the size of government, again.

Finally, this business about no plea bargaining and charging criminals with the toughest charges possible. I guess that means that you can expect low level drug dealers to get charged so highly that maybe bigger drug suppliers, for example, are not ferreted out.

For someone that started out so strong, Mark Massa sure is running an odd campaign all of the sudden. His first two bio ads were slick and well-produced. Governor Daniels took to the airwaves to endorse him. Then, suddenly, the polls showed he was behind.

Change of strategy...he did the ad attacking Terry Curry for defending someone (Isn't that what lawyers do?), and now this pie in the sky ad talking about unrealistic plans that I don't believe he can pay for in this economic climate.

The Massa train is derailing in front of our eyes.


AtlasShrugged said...

I really like Mark Massa. I respect him. Trust him. I think its the highest endorsement that Mitch Daniels believes in him so completely that he's willing to put his own reputation on the line by appearing in commercials for Massa. But I hated that child predator ad he ran against Curry. I just hated it. Everyone I know hated it. It was ugly. It was unfair. I don't know if it will throw his own campaign off track. But it's harshness cast Massa in a different light, fairly or unfairly, and certainly inspired sympathy for Curry.

Anonymous said...

Who is Eric Massa?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anyone running for prosecutor who claims he won't plea bargain is just being disingenous. You couldn't run a prosecutor's office without settling some cases through plea bargains.

Anonymous said...

Massa is just more of Brizzi.

Carlos said...

anon 1:11,

Massa is his own person, he is not more of anyone.

Jon E. Easter said...

Eric Massa is the disgraced New York Congressman that had to resign over sexual harassment charges. It was a mistake in tagging that has now been corrected.