Thursday, October 21, 2010

Massa Can't Avoid Durham Influence Unless He Dumps Daniels

Mark Massa has spent much of this campaign season trying to distance himself from Carl Brizzi and his dirty deeds, but he can't get by the fact that one of his major political backers, Mitch Daniels, continues to hold on to disgraced financier Tim Durham's campaign contributions. In case you've forgotten about old Tim Durham, read about him here.

Governor Daniels' Aiming Higher PAC has given Massa $60,000, according to the most recent campaign finance report. It's there on page 140. That's over half of the $111K Massa has on hand right now.

You may recall that Durham gave Governor Daniels a huge chunk of change (presumably made via Fair Financial and other business ventures) for his re-election campaign. Daniels has said that he can't return the money because it has already been spent. In April, the Aiming Higher PAC had a balance of $728K on hand.

Apparently, it has been spent in trying to elect a GOP majority in the Indiana Senate and the Indiana House as well as to help make sure the Governor doesn't have a pesky Democrat like Terry Curry in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office to investigate his (and his administration's) activities. Daniels has been an ever-present voice on the radio and face on our tv screens. You almost wonder if he's running for something.

I was talking to a friend of mine who used to work for the state, and, if some of the things he's telling me are true, Mitch should definitely have to worry about having someone in position to investigate his version of state government. If this stuff is true, Tony Soprano has nothing on Mitch the Knife, and I'm told that much of what is being done is done in the open. But, with Brizzi there to kick dirt on the one notices. Nothing shows me that Massa will be any different to one of his campaign's biggest donors in Governor Daniels. After all, Massa used to work for the guy.

Advance Indiana also reports that Massa has received some serious campaign cash from a Las Vegas-based businessman named Jerry Slusser. Sounds like Massa may have some explaining to do there.

So, while Mark Massa's out there distorting Terry Curry's record with misleading television ads, he's doing it with money that somewhere up or down the line came from questionable resources. Hypocrisy from a guy who says he's best suited to clean up the corruption present in the Prosecutor's Office.

Should we be surprised? After all, he is from the party of Carl Brizzi. All the more reason to break the Republican stranglehold on the Prosecutor's Office and elect a man like Terry Curry.


Anonymous said...

Sure sums it up nicely. I'm sure that Curry's folks have to be ready to unleash this mess on the media...

Anonymous said...

What about all the defense attorneys donating to Terry? What do they expect out of it? Isn't that like the Steelers donating to the Colts?

And before you say they don't expect anything or will get anything, just think about Paul Page and Brizzi.