Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvin Scott: Pushing the Muslim Button

Marvin Scott's back to his old tricks. He's playing the "religion card" against Congressman Andre Carson in a desperate and sad effort to raise last-minute cash in the 7th District Congressional race.

Sources tell me that Scott has released this fundraising plea to his tea party loyalists. Some people have no shame and will resort to anything. Here's what it says.

Emergency: Tea Party Activist Scott Poised To Defeat Carson

ALERT - In less than TWO WEEKS, my campaign is poised to DEFEAT Nancy Pelosi's most reliable vote, Barack Obama’s socialist comrade, the darling of the Progressive Caucus -- André Carson. Supporters are coming from all across the political spectrum to support my campaign to unseat Carson!

But we're fighting an uphill battle for dollars, against his shadowy funding sources...

A favorite of rabid race-baiter and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Carson is a radical Leftwing vote on everything -- bailouts, stimulus, TARP, ObamaCare, job-killing nanny-state regulation -- an aggressive activist, pro-Sharia Muslim with ties to terrorist sympathizers with deep financial pockets. And with Obama's Chicago machine behind him too, he can tap into untold depths of dollars to hold on to his seat!

And that's why we MUST raise enough money to broadcast our message of private sector job growth, lower taxes, limited government, and love of liberty in these final days before the election!

We MUST tell the voters what the liberal mainstream media won't tell them: that André Carson is a extreme leftist who has voted time and again for national bankruptcy, debt and dependency, taxpayer-funded abortion, Cap and Tax, and big, wasteful, job-destroying, extravagant, intrusive government across the board... every wild-eyed liberal scheme Washington can dream up to wreck America... plus he is an Islamist who condemns our ally Israel and a socialist who demeans our nation -- in cahoots with Obama's "progressive" plans to unravel the U.S. Constitution and factionalize our nation ... and worse!!!

You can help me DEFEAT André Carson -- one of the most radically liberal politicians in Congress -- and make history. Please support our campaign's efforts to PUT PAID to André Carson, an Obama liberal, by offering your most generous contribution to my campaign TODAY!

You can contribute any amount up to $2,400 per individual or $4,800 per married couple...

With just days left to the election, we still need 257 more people who can contribute $100 or more in the next 48 hours so we can get crucial radio and television ads on the air THROUGHOUT THE LAST CRITICAL WEEK TO REACH THE UNDECIDED VOTE, and DEFEAT André Carson once and for all!

For America,

Dr. Marvin Scott
Marvin Scott for Congress

“I am not a career politician and I do not seek to make politics a career.” — Dr. Marvin Scott

How about that last quote? If Marvin does not seek to make politics a career, why didn't he stop after the first time he was slapped down by a Democrat?

Truth is that Marvin Scott is worse than a career politician. He's a career wingnut. That's right. You know me, I don't resort to name calling very often, but it's true. There are so many lies in that fundraising notice that it would take me all night to refute them. Since you know they're lies, I'm not going to bother either.

I guess the question is: Does this advance the ball for positive politics at all? Yes, I know I just called Scott a wingnut, but it's clear that Marvin Scott doesn't want to discuss the issues here. He wants to religion-bait and turn Carson into the second coming of Vladimir Lenin.

Well, the 7th District isn't buying it. Scott can use his funky math, his crazy ravings, and his worst lies. He's still going to lose. He's going to lose by a bundle.

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