Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marvin Scott: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

During my normal "search for material" visit to Marvin Scott's Facebook page Sunday afternoon in between watching football games I found something. Marvin Scott, unbelievably, doesn't want to end the War on Terror. He wants to keep it going.

Scott's new radio ad is slickly produced and hits the false "Carson/Obama socialist agenda link" hot button quite well. Buried in the ad is a sentence that blew my mind. After calling Obama and Carson socialists, the announcer says, "And Carson and Obama aren't finished yet, with radical cap and trade laws that will destroy Indiana jobs, an end to the War on Terror, and illegal alien amnesty, Obama and Carson must be stopped before it's too late."

You can take that to mean many things. I take it to mean that Marvin Scott wants to keep the War on Terror going, indefinitely. Does that mean that he wants to continue to keep our troops in harm's way for longer than they need to be? That if some resolution can come in the War on Terror that he will continue to spend trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on warmongering? What does Marvin Scott mean?

Of course, it won't matter after November 2. Scott will be planning his next failed run at something. Won't this guy quit?


Anonymous said...

As I have said in the past (on this blog) Marvin is a Joke and his campaigns have always been jokes...the reason he keeps running is simple: EGO. The man wants to BE SOMEBODY and he has reached the upper limit of career advancement in his current long as the voters keep him winning in Primaries he will never get the hint that he is a pathetic candidate

Anonymous said...

He never won a primary and was chosen by the GOP!!! He couldnt win a primary if he tried...he barely got the endoesement of the GOP and imagine after all the drama with his cm that the GOP is regretting their choice. He is all about MARVIN SCOTT his agenda is self promotion...and to think that hes actually a professor of Sociology!!! Scarey!!

Jon E. Easter said...

Marvin did win the primary over the slated GOP candidate, Carlos May.