Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make Your Vote Count, November 2!

Ladies and gentlemen, gentle readers, friends, family, fellow Democrats (and selected know who you are):

I am extremely concerned about what is going to happen on Tuesday. I wouldn't say that I'm in despair. I think that the 2010 election will actually deliver a Democratic sweep in the Marion County offices on the ballot, and I think it will return Congressman Andre Carson to Congress in the 7th District. I think Vop Osili will win in Marion County keeping the Democrats in the inspector positions in our polling sites and give our party ballot position in the county for the next four years.

I believe Mary Ann Sullivan, John Barnes, Jeb Bardon, and many of the other Democrats whose districts lie in Marion County are going back to the State House. Jim Merritt may finally go home, and, despite all his efforts to avoid it, Brian Bosma may get ousted from office.

I think these things are going to happen. Beyond that, I don't know what's going to happen, but I think the they stand now...look mighty scary. It has nothing to do with Halloween.

I am concerned about the state and national landscape. Right now, I fear that Republicans stand to pick up two more of Indiana's nine Congressional seats with Joe Donnelly, Pete Visclosky, and Carson returning to Washington. I fear that Brad Ellsworth will be defeated despite his best efforts to trumpet the alarm about Dan Coats' dubious lobbying career.

I'm concerned that, despite a great campaign effort, that Sam Locke, Pete Buttigieg, and Vop Osili may not be able to escape the Democratic Party label on the ballot. I am concerned that even though people wanted change in 2008, that they have forgotten about 2008 in favor of the Tea Party Tempest in 2010. I'm concerned that we might be ready to elect a man under investigation for voter fraud to become our state's chief elections officer.

I'm EXTREMELY concerned about a state landscape that will, by electing Republicans, allow the same backwards thinking about social issues to gain traction and passage here in our backyard. It's a scary thought that many of the social wedge issues fought off with a Democratic Majority in the Indiana House can now be pushed through with a lame duck Governor running for President and an unchecked Republican majority in the House and Senate.

I'm concerned that people are going to sit on the sidelines and wait this election out. That despite all the efforts by our President, Organizing for America, and other entities that we just aren't going to be able to jazz up young people and Democrats for this year's crucial and critical election.

If all those things happen, I more than worry about the next two years in Indiana and nationwide.

But, the thing about concern is that we can change it. We can change concern into action. If you are concerned like me, sound the alarm. Ride the horses through the streets (metaphorically, of course) and tell your friends that "THE ELEPHANTS ARE COMING! THE ELEPHANTS ARE COMING!"

Tell them that working people will soon be under attack. Tell them that we can expect things like gay marriage to again become wedge issues that push us apart instead of bringing us together. Tell those friends that if they sit this one out, that the issues they may care about will be forgotten. Real public schools reform will be pushed aside in favor of political wedges like school vouchers, the moving around of funding, and merit pay for teachers. The playbook is there, and the Republicans have waited a long long time to try to follow it.

If we don't vote in November, it's all coming in January, but we can stop it. When you're concerned about something, you get off your duff and do something. If you care about this country, vote on November 2. If you care about this state, vote on November 2. If you care about your friends or your family, vote on November 2. Make the time and make your vote count!

If we all vote, my concern will turn into celebration as we send the Republicans to an upset defeat, nationally and statewide. WHO'S WITH ME?


Stephen said...

I'm with you, Jon !

guy77money said...

And if you just can't decide who to vote for take Lazaruz Long's (aka Robert Heinlein) advice and do the following:

"If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for...but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning blogger or fool (there is always one around) and ask his or her advice. Then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time on it that truly intelligent exercise of franchise requires."

Full disclosure: I added the word blogger to the above quote. There seems to be so many well meaning ones when it comes to politics! ;)

As for me I will vote as a Republicrat (Rest in peace Mrs. Hamilton) The term my 8th grade history teacher labeled her self so elegantly!

Anonymous said...

As of this morning, Sorry-Charlie White has another 'oops' to explain. Seems the fool recently sent out direct mailings that did not include the law required disclaimer of who paid for the mailing.

It's hard to imagine how this guy could get any more incompetent ... still, there is another five days to go!