Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Wondering: Will the Colts Affect the Election?

Election Day is Tuesday, and I'm sure that everybody who's anybody in the political world is planning on getting out and voting (if they haven't already done so), but here's something to think about.

On Monday night, the Indianapolis Colts play the Houston Texans in a key AFC South game that could, frankly, determine if the Colts still have a shot at a division title or if the team is playing for a wild card berth in the playoffs. A loss for the Colts would put them 0-2 against Houston and drop the team to 0-3 in the AFC South. Both are important indicators for playoff positioning.

With such an important game, it's very likely that many televisions will be tuned in to the Monday Night Football game until probably close to midnight. There will also be 63,000 or more Colts fans filing out of Lucas Oil Stadium after the game. I can imagine that some of them will be inspectors and poll workers in the morning.

Therefore, it's quite possible that there could be a "Colts Factor" to the early hours on Election Day. Maybe some of the people that stayed up late to watch the Colts will find it difficult to roll out of bed and get to the polls early on Tuesday before work or school.

I hope I'm wrong. I think if people care enough; they will get to the polls. Still, this is something I don't remember happening before in Indianapolis. Let's hope the Colts roll to a victory on Monday night and that Democrats roll to a victory on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Well I am hoping two things. Colts lose and Democratic candidates win on Tuesday. Go Texans!

guy77money said...

The Blue Flu will only affect people who really don't care about voting. Do ya really want those people who use a excuse that "I was up to late" to even vote. It will be interesting to see how many political commercials there will be during the game. Of course the most important thing will be that Manning has a huge game! Can you spot a fantasy football fan on your blog ;)