Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If You Believe the Governor...

Governor Mitch Daniels lives in a fantasy world up there on Geist. It's a fantasy world of surpluses and job growth.

He wants you to believe that, in the face of tough economic times, that his administration has guided the state through the stormy waters while the other states around us have gone all "Edmund Fitzgerald."

Well, there's a report penned by the Associated Press that I found via NPR that horrifyingly turns that whole thing on its ear. Indiana is in bad shape because we cannot apparently provide even the most basic services for some of our most in-need citizens.

Call me liberal, but THIS is ridiculous. Read the article. Headline is, "Ind. Parents Told Drop Disabled Kids At Shelters."

After you're done, consider two years of Mitch Daniels with no fear of re-election and no fear of any Democratic opposition at the state level. Tuesday is an important day for many of the most vulnerable Hoosiers.


Indy Student said...

NPR didn't write the article. The AP did.

Jon E. Easter said...

Good catch. One of the many reasons I shouldn't type when I'm half asleep.

Anonymous said...

You must have been sleepy.

Mitch lives in a new mansion in a gated community in Carmel now.

This was revealed after he raised millions in private donations to update the Governors mansion, which wasn't good enough for he and his wife.