Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Hodge Podge: Favorite Local Political TV Ads of 2010

Well, I'm going to do my Casey Kasem impression and countdown my top five favorite political TV ads from local or statewide candidates here in 2010. It's been a long campaign season, but these are my favorite five ads.

And, before we begin, isn't YouTube an amazing tool? Sure there's a lot of crap out there, but this kind of blog post would have been nearly impossible before YouTube.

5. Pete Buttigieg for Treasurer
I love it when a candidate speaks for himself or herself. This great ad from Pete Buttigieg introduces himself very well. He certainly wins the ad war over Richard Mourdock's boring ads.

This ad's theme seems to borrow a bit from Brad Ellsworth's state convention video. I still think it would have made a dynamic ad for the Congressman in his Senate campaign. Here's a link to that video.

4. Terry Curry for Prosecutor
This ad is in response to Mark Massa's ad that calls into question Terry Curry's resolve in potentially prosecuting a child molester because he defended one as a defense attorney. Even Republicans have called Massa's ad desperate and totally out of line. In the meantime, Curry drives home some important points.

3. John Layton for Sheriff
Tough, tested, experienced...all things you want in a Sheriff. This one sums up everything you need to know about John Layton. Kudos to the campaign for including some great footage and photographs of Layton in action as he worked to bust criminals over his 36 years.

2. John Layton for Sheriff
This is a great ad. It highlights one of the many important roles of the Marion County Sheriff, maintaining the sex offender registry. The assignment of a deputy to monitor each sex offender is an important way to keep them in the sights of law enforcement.

1. Andre Carson for Congress
Congressman Carson goes ebulliently positive in this ad, and he does the talking for himself. The music, the tone, the writing is all about being forward thinking and positive. I give this one the top spot because I really think it captures who Andre Carson is and what drives him.

Despite what you hear from his detractors, Carson has taken the ball from his grandmother and has expanded on her work for the 7th Congressional District. He has been all over the district, and this ad shows Carson in his element with constituents and friends.

It's a great ad, and I believe it fully explains why the Congressman deserves another term. As an aside, the campaign tells me that this ad was created in the 7th District, written in the 7th District, and even scored in the 7th District.

Ok, now I'm off to record my long distance dedication for a dog named Snuggles. If you don't know what I'm talking about, type "Casey Kasem rant" into a YouTube search box and enjoy. It's definitely not safe for work, though.

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