Monday, October 18, 2010

Ellsworth Ups Rhetoric on Coats Hypocrisy

As the campaign tightens in time, the Ellsworth campaign tightens its focus on Dan Coats. I looked all morning for some polling data, but I can't find anything recent. I think Coats is still leading, but I wonder if these attacks may start to knock Coats' lead into the manageable category.

After all, just like in basketball, when a team gets out to a big lead, you have to chip away at it. Finally, despite what Coats is out there saying, he went negative first (and really didn't need to).

This ad is the best so far from Ellsworth when it comes to attacking the hypocrisy of Dan Coats.

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Indy Student said...

538 is saying they're info is from information as of October 13th. Seems recent to me.